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5 Encouraging side-effects of emotional healing

emotional healing self-esteem self-realization therapy Aug 25, 2021
Side-Effects of Emotional Healing

People seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons.  But at the end of the day, everyone trying to overcome trauma has the same primary goal.  To achieve emotional healing.  Emotional healing is an important objective because it signifies complete mental health.  It creates many direct and indirect psychological rewards that enrich people’s lives by fostering peace of mind.

Healing is a Good Thing:

Spiritual Wellness Expert Dr. Issam Kadamani explains that:

“Healing ourselves emotionally is part of our spiritual growth.  Spiritual growth means to be able to not only feel love, but to express love without fear and condemnation, to be true to ourselves and our desires, to follow our intuition and inner guidance and follow the highest path, to be awakened to the spirit and to live each day with love, peace and joy.”


Here are a few examples of positive side-effects that come with emotional healing:



Emotional healing instills a sense of inner pride.  It opens people’s eyes to the fact that every individual deserves dignity and respect.


Emotional healing teaches people how to practice common courtesy.  It establishes a deeper understanding of what emotional intelligence is, and how emotional intelligence can be used to guide interactions.


Emotional healing highlights the meaning of life.  It encourages people to contemplate how it is we feel about our existence, as well as what we can do to improve the way we feel about our existence.


Emotional healing helps to bring people’s aspirations and priorities into alignment.  And by doing so, it creates an incentive to pursue dreams with determination and coordination.

Stronger Faith

Emotional feeling reminds people to believe.  It reminds people to believe in themselves, to believe in the possibilities of the future, and to believe in the power of love.

If you ever have doubts about working on your emotions through therapy, these side-effects are a good reminder of how powerful healing is. Emotional feeling is much more than a symbolic trophy. It is a state of being that thoroughly transforms the way people experience and navigate through life.

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By Daniel Otianga